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The historical region of Attica has given the name of the modern administrative region of Greece. It comprises of a peninsula in the central part of the country, just above Peloponnese. The capital of Greece, Athens, is also located in this region, as well as two major ports of Greece - Piraeus and Rafina. From Piraeus you can take ferries to the Cyclades, Dodecanese, North Aegean and Saronic island groups, and to Crete.

Attica is home to a large part of the historical and archaeological heritage of the country, dating back to antiquity. Excluding the city of Athens, other important sights on the territory of the region are:
- Cape Sounio, known for the Temple of Poseidon and its dramatic position above the sea, looking toward the sunset
- The ancient site of Vravrona, known as the sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia
- The ancient city of Rhamnous, with a fortified acropolis and a sanctuary of the goddess Nemesis
- Ancient Eleusis (Elefsina)
- The ancient site of Thorikos near Lavrio and especially its theater

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