5 reasons to visit Ammouliani island

Boat with flowers at the background of blue sea and parasols

As the only inhabited island in the whole Halkidiki region, Ammouliani is supposed to be famous. But it is not. Whether because of its small size and capacity in accommodation, or because the peninsulas of Halkidiki turn the attention to themselves with the gross number of beaches and entertainment, Ammouliani is still a minor destination and the secret paradise of some Balkan tourists. And moreover, there are no big hotels to attract travel agents. The island has only one village and a network of paved and unpaved roads which traverse the inland and lead to the seaside. In this case, is it worth to consider it for your holiday? The answer is - Yes! and we will tell you why now.

1. Proximity to mainland

Beach and harbor at the same place

Reaching this island from mainland is easy and cheap - the journey takes 10-15 minutes, and the tickets for a car and family of four cost less than EUR 20. And there is no chance to miss the ferry because it runs on a regular basis all day long, from early morning till evening in the summer.

2. Mind-blowing beaches

Beginning of season

Namely beaches are the best trumps of the island. You will not see them from the ferry, nor when you arrive at the small port. All beaches of Ammouliani are out of the village and scattered along the entire island, which however is not so remote here - you will reach any of them for less than 10 minutes by car. The first thing to grab you is the saturated blue color of the sea and the lack of waves - the island is "locked" between the peninsulas of Halkidiki and there are no strong winds or currents. The sea looks amazing transparent and at some places as smooth as a mirror. Moreover, almost all beaches are entirely sandy and shallow, you just need to choose. The most famous are Alikes (it has a camping and some accommodation options), Megali Ammos, Agios Georgios and Karagatsia.

3. Tranquility

View from the road

Ammouliani is not the type of island you should look for if you search for nightlife or many entertainment options. There are enough cafes, restaurants and a mini-park for kids but that is all. Most hotels are in and around the village, but they are all two-storey buildings with rooms to rent or B&B guest houses. Even when the island is full with tourists, you can always find an isolated beach where to hide (such are Faka, Tsaska and Tratovoli). In the inner part of Ammouliani there are also independent villas and holiday homes which are away from the village - they are still very limited in number but it is not impossible to find accommodation in the company of olive trees and the sound of the sea.

4. Hospitality

As we said, Ammouliani doesnt look like a resort because it lacks the typical big hotels, noisy promenades or night clubs. Instead, it feels like if you have come to visit relatives or you have chosen a rural area for your holiday. The people know each other and in a few days you come to know them, too, because you meet them at the beach, in the center, or eat at their taverna, or buy something from their shop. All houses in the village are small, with neat little gardens, small shops, small streets - everything looks small here, even the ferry which brings tourists, and it contributes to the home-like atmosphere.

5. Drenia islands

Rocks and Drenia islet at the back

Cool beach bar on a tiny uninhabited island - how does it sound to you? Drenia is an archipelago of tiny islets with sandy beaches just off the south coast of Ammouliani and the largest of them has a beach bar with restaurant in the summer. You can visit them by rented boat (no license is required) or to use a boat taxi from the village port which drops you at the beach bar at noon and takes you back in late afternoon. The transparent water around these islets is ideal for snorkeling, and if you have your own kayak you can also explore them.

View from the ferry
The village seen from the ferry
Wandering around the village
The Big Sand still empty
Hues of blue at Megali Ammos beach
The center at night
The village at night

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