Top 15 beaches in Corfu island

Blue and green

Somehow we could not restrict this rating to 10. The large Corfu island has hundreds of beaches of any size, some accessible by car, others on foot and third - by boat only. Their diversity is astonishing and we chose to show those 15 of them which are special, beautiful and most distinguishing from the rest.

1. Rovinia

It needs a short walk to reach this scenic cove close to Liapades. Rovinia has vivid blue water, smooth pebbles, small cave at the shore and incredible view to the green hills and rocks of the area. The beach has no facilities but you can buy drinks and ice creams from a boat which comes every day in the summer.

2. Glyfada


Entirely sandy and very shallow, Glyfada is a large beach surrounded by high rocks from both sides. It has just a few hotels behind, and the road which leads down is curvy, so the place never gets crowded. The sunset is very spectacular.

3. Paleokastritsa

Captivating Paleokastritsa has a couple of beaches (six, to be more precise), each with transparent blue water and beautiful surroundings. The central beach, called Agios Spyridon, is located below the famous Monastery of Paleokastritsa and has sea caves in the rocks which good swimmers can explore. Those who cannot swim can visit the caves by boat.

4. Agios Stefanos

Long beach with dark yellow sand

This gorgeous sandy beach is usually called Agios Stefanos-West to avoid mistake with the other Agios Stefanos to the east. The beach is very long, with plenty of beach bars and vast empty areas with white cliffs to the north. It faces the inhabited islets of Mathraki and Othonoi, popular destinations for one-day trip from Agios Stefanos.

5. Agios Gordios

The beach from above

Long, sandy, shallow, with a choice of beach tavernas and abundance of greenery around. The huge rock known as Ortholithos rises up in the sea close to the beach, in the south end, and you can see it from any point of Agios Gordios and from the nearby old village of Sinarades.

6. Sidari

Aerial view of the canal

Sidari is most known for Canal D`Amour, a narrow canal between two sandstone rocks. But the entire coast in and around Sidari has this peculiar rocks in combination with soft yellow sand which resembles clay. In calm weather the blue color of the sea highly contrasts to the yellow rocks and sand.

7. Kontogialos

The south end of Kontogialos

The beach under the village of Pelekas is known as Kontogialos or just Pelekas beach. After a short journey on a narrow road with U-turns, you will slope down to a wide beach with transparent shallow water and soft sand. This beach is fully organized which means it is covered with the sunbeds and parasols of beach bars but yet there is some free space. Water sports are available, too.

8. Bataria

Bataria is one of the beaches of Kassiopi, a large resort to the north. It compensates its small size with the astonishing light and dark blue hues of the water due to the smooth white pebbles which cover both the shore and the sea bottom. Like all the beaches on the east coast of Corfu, it has smooth sea surface without waves plus a view to the Albanian town Saranda on mainland.

9. Issos

Sand dunes behind the beach

Issos is the natural continuation of the long Agios Georgios-Argyrades beach, part of the land which divides lake Korision from the sea. It is most famous for the enormous sand dunes which make the surroundings look like a small desert. The desert, however, is not isolated and there are even beach bars in the beginning. The rest is empty and free for those who want to isolate from other people on the beach.

10. Peroulades

The beach in a less windy day

Imposing vertical cliffs and super fine, dark yellow sand. The beach of Peroulades village is called Loggas or Sunset beach. It is also very shallow despite the frequent waves. The most curious thing about this beach is that you may not see it when you go. No joke, the sea and the waves often overflow the narrow shore and in some days there may be enough space for sunbeds, while in other days you can see just a tiny strip, not wider than 1 meter.

11. Marathias

Marathias is the organized part of a beach strip which stretches for over 3 km without interruption. If you like sandy beaches with immense view to the sea, it will become one of your favorites.

12. Gefyra

Blue all around

Gefyra is the main beach of Liapades village. Like its neighbor Rovinia it has pebbles around the shore but they remain unnoticed at the background of the blue water and the unique landscape.

13. Prasoudi

Rocks in the sea in front of the beach

In the shadow of the large sandy beaches on the west coast, Prasoudi remains unpopular and calm. It is a small beach with seaside taverna, clean water and scattered rocks in the sea which are very close to the shore and easy to reach by swimming.

14. Porto Timoni

View from above

Not the typical beach but very exotic and impressive, especially when you see it from above. Porto Timoni is a double bay which lies close to the village of Afionas but the easiest way to reach it is by boat or pedalo from the neighbor beaches. Otherwise you need to walk for 20-30 minutes via hiking trail and under the burning sun. The transparent water clearly shows each rock and boulder in the sea.

15. Chomi

This beach is accessible only by boat. It distinguishes with imposing crinkled-surface rocks and fantastic blue color of the sea. In the rocks there are small sea caves that can be explored by swimming. Despite the difficult access, there is a line of sunbeds and parasols available to rent in the summer but yet the beauty of the place is intact. You can go to Chomi by taxi boats from Liapades and Paleokastritsa.

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