Old Fortress

Old Fortress

The Old Venetian Fortress is one of the symbols of Corfu Town and it is the first and last thing you see of the capital when you are arriving or departing by ferry. The creation of this fortress was started under Byzantine domination and later it was finished by Venetians for better protection of the island.

The fortress has preserved bastions, remains of old prison and military hospital. The inner part of the fortress is effectively used not only as a tourist sightseeing there are different buildings inside: library, music school, museum with sculptures and paintings from the Byzantine period, the historical Archives of Corfu, cafe, restaurant, church and souvenir shop.

From the top of the fortress a spectacular view is revealed of the whole town of Corfu, the sea and the island.

Entrance fee: EUR 4 per person.

highlights: one of the symbols of Corfu Town, historical sight in Corfu Town, Corfu, Greece

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