Feel Greece The guide for Greece and the Greek islands

photo from Tripitos Arch, Paxos
This is the place where you can explore Greece, decide where to go for your holiday or trip, in which hotel to stay and what to see. Each beach, village and place has a short description of its advantages (and sometimes weaknesses), interesting things and sights, activities to do, accommodation and others.

Most of the information is based on our personal experience gained after countless trips. We have driven thousands of kilometers through mainland Greece photographing and touring around its beaches, villages and hidden corners. We have taken ferries to the Ionian, Cyclades, Sporades, Dodecanese and other islands, explored and personally set foot on dozens of them. This unbiased knowledge of ours is compiled and presented on this website to help people that visit and travel around Greece. The information is accompanied by numerous personal photos and videos that you will not see anywhere else.