Lefkada (known also as Leukada and Lefkas) is the fourth biggest island of the Ionian group and lies between Corfu and Kefalonia. Its name comes from the Greek word for `white` (`leukos`) due to the white rocks in the southern coastline of the island. Lefkada can be reach not only by ferry, but also by car because it is connected to the mainland with a floating bridge.

Most part of the island is covered by mountains. The coastline is very rich and includes many capes and peninsulas in its eastern and southern part. The west coastline is presented by amazing long beaches with white pebbles and bright blue water. In the southern part of the island lies the resort of Vasiliki, very popular place for the fans of windsurfing due to a local hot wind which appears in summer months. The three most famous beaches of Lefkada are on its western coast - Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma, all with incredible milky blue colour of the sea. The picturesque beach of Porto Katsiki is one of the most famous beaches not only in Greece but in Europe.

The capital of Lefkada bears the same name. The most visited resorts on the island are Nydri, Agios Nikitas, Nikiana and Vasiliki, etc. While on a holiday in Lefkada, do not forget to try the local drink soumada made from bitter almonds.

highlights: amazing beaches with milky blue water, island in Ionian Islands, Greece

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