Paxos is part of a small group of islands in the Ionian Sea, called Paxi. Sometimes (incorrectly) they call the entire group Paxos, but Paxos is the largest island of the group and most famous. Paxos has no airport and it can only be reached by sea from Corfu or from mainland Greece. There are regular ferry lines to it, and in the southern resorts of Corfu daily boat trips to Paxos are organized.

The total area of the island is about 19 km2, covered with olive trees. The east coast is flat and the beaches are more accessible, while the west is steep and the sea has dug caves and interesting shapes in the limestone rocks.

On Paxos there are several towns-resorts, and all of them are on the eastern coast. The largest of them is Gaios, the capital.

highlights: the largest island of the Paxi group, island in Ionian Islands, Greece

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