Windy day and empty beach with interesting parasols

Kolymbithra (Kolympithra) is a large beach on the north coast of Tinos, popular among surfers. Actually, it consists of two adjacent beaches - one larger and one smaller.

The larger beach is known as Megali Kolymbithra and this is the place where surfers go because of the favorable conditions. Strong wind is quite common here and large waves appear in this area of the island. Most of the beach is empty, there is just one beach bar with surf school. You`d better not go to this beach if you are not a surfer, unless the weather is calm.

The smaller beach is called Mikri Kolymbithra and it is more wind-sheltered. Half of it is covered with sunbeds and parasols of a beach bar, the other half is a free zone. The sea is calmer compared to the larger beach but it is deep around the shore and not suitable for small kids.


Windy day and empty beach with interesting parasolsThe smaller beachThe free zone of the beachBig waves at the large beach in the afternoonLifegueard watching the rough seaThe common bay for the two beaches

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