Finikia (Foinikia) is a beautiful traditional village on the north coast of Santorini. Although just 1 km away from Oia, it is not on the caldera - it overlooks the "flat" side of the island and the main road of Santorini separates it from the caldera rim.

In Finikia you can see many cave houses dug in the rocks. These houses were intended to keep pleasant temperature inside all year round - warm in winter and cool in summer. Some of them were and are still used as wine cellars, others functions as luxury villas and hotels with modern amenities. Walking around the narrow alleys of the village is like a glimpse of Santorini back in time. The buildings are painted in various colors, additionally decorated with flowers and pots. There are a few tavernas and one minimarket, and from the church of Virgin Mary on the highest point of the village you can enjoy the sunset.

The closest beach to Finikia is Baxedes, approximately 2 km away.

highlights: beautiful traditional village with cave houses, village in Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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