Agios Konstantinos

Agios Konstantinos

Agios Konstantinos is a small rural settlement in Lasithi plateau, Crete island. The village is named after Saint Constantine, the patron saint of the church. The settlement was founded in ancient times but there are few things still standing - not much to see in terms of historical monuments and buildings. In a short distance are the Kroustallenia Monastery, the rugged canyon of Havgas and Psychro cave. Psychro cave (or Diktaeon Andron) lies 8 km west of Agios Konstantinos. The legends said that this was birthplace of Zeus, the mightiest of all Olympic gods.

Kroutstallenia Monastery is less than 1 km north of Agios Konstantinos. Is dedicated to Virgin Mary and founded between 10th and 12th century. During the centuries it served as a center of revolutionary activities, first against the Venetians and later against the Ottomans. During Cretan revolutions it was destroyed twice. Since then the monastery has been rebuilt, there are monks and it is open to visitors.

Havgas gorge lies between the monastery and the village. It carries water from the highest Katharo plateau towards Lassithi plateau. In the end of the summer there is not much water and dried up rocky bed lays exposed to the sun.

Travelers will also enjoy the surrounding areas with patches of cultivated land, many abandoned windmills, small ponds, hiking trails and imposing views of the surrounding mountains.

highlights: small rural village at plateau, village in Lasithi Region, Crete, Greece
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Lasithi plateau with numerous windmills

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