The Windmills

The Windmills

The Windmills è vista storica in Trypiti.

highlights: The Windmills, storico in Trypiti, Milos, Grecia

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Partially resotred windmill and Plaka in the backgroundView from the archeological museum in PlakaA would be windmill guest houseUnderground vaults and old windmillWooden windmill shaft calmly resting under the sunOld windmillOld millstone turned into garden decorationView from the windmillsWindmill guesthouseWindmill guesthouseThe entry to the windmill guesthouseWindmill turned into guesthouseOld windmill and view to TriovasalosThe sun overlooking windmill guesthouseAbandoned windmillView towards Adamas, the inner part of the island and the seaRestored, whitewashed windmill turned into accommodation for rentOne of the few with different outlook, built from dark volcanic rockOne of the not restored windmills at the outskirts of TrypitiWindmill adjacent to the modern housesWell preserved windmill and the short stone fence surrounding itThe windmill yardLooking up to the windmill top
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Indirizzo: Trypiti, Milos, Isole Cicladi , Grecia
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