Thiorichia è vista storica in Milos.

highlights: Thiorichia, storico in Milos, Isole Cicladi , Grecia

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Distant view to the mine and beachOld mine entrancesThe colorful rock slopes around the mineThe mine processing facilities now in ruinsEntrance to one of the mine tunnelsRuined ship loading facilitiesRusty mine cart left as tourist attractionSandy river, small bridge and two touristsScattered mine equipment rusting under the open skyCart staircase and ore processing stagesThe mine grounds have yellowish sediments everywhereOld living quarters for the minersThiorichiaComplete view to the mine and the surrounding hill slopesThe road is forbidden for cars and should be walkedThe forbidden for vehicles signThere is plenty of space to parkCloudy and windy video from the beach and the minethe beach, the waves and few abandoned mine buildingsthe whole mine processing plant is situated on a steep and rocky slopepeople will traverse crushed ore piles and rusty metal debris on their way through the minethese rusty buckets had transported tons of ore up the steep hillthe crushed ore was transported to the top of the planthe rail up and the plant processing stagesthe equipment was left at the minecolorful and dangerous mining gallery entrance, inside is dangerous, hot and without ventilationthe mining galleries are dangerous and visitors should not enter them for any reasonsteep colorful slopes and abandoned mine make for an unique beach experiencethe beach and the mine as seen from the loading pierthe norther end of the mine beachthe mine and the beach as seen from the small loading pierthe beach is sandy but the water gets deep fasttanning at abandoned sulfur mine beach is a priceless experiencebuildings used for headquarters, machine shop, kitchen, dormitoriesore rail cart and stone bridge next to the beachthe ore transportation rail carts are a-must photo placethe beach is one of the most peculiar and exotic places to tan and swithe beach is enclosed by colorful rocks and piles of crushed oreThiorichiathe ruined autoclave for sulfur recoverythe remains of the autoclave for sulfur recoverythe crushed ore was transported up the hill via small railabandoned mine and plant equipment is left to rust in peacecrushed ore piles at the base of the processing plantthe ground is yellow reddish due to the sulfur and other mineralsbeautiful flowers grow along the crushed ore pilesfrom here pick your path wisely because of the rusting metal debrisview from the last road U turn above the minethe island coastline south of the minethe abandoned mine processing installationsthe colorful and sandy beach swept by wavesthe crushed ore was transported to the top and passed down through varthe rock colors signal the rich mineral presencethe colorful and exotic mine beachThiorichiapiles of crashed ore still can be seen around the base of the installaore processing installationsThiorichiathe higher part of the road offers magnificent view to the mine, the sthe road is enclosed with colorful rocksthe whole mine as seen from the roaddistant view to the mine and the sea from the roadthe road from here is forbidden for carsThiorichia
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Indirizzo: Milos, Isole Cicladi , Grecia
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