O Hamos Tavern

O Hamos Tavern

O Hamos Tavern è ristorante in Adamas.

highlights: O Hamos Tavern, ristorante in Adamas, Milos, Grecia

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Visiting the tavern in the eveningTraditional Greek salad is a always a good startHoriatiki salata - Traditional Greek SaladMeat with rice and tomatoThe meal in the pot was delicious but forgot its nameSigns infrontSelection of local recipes for everyone to take and try at homeKleftiko - delicios beef meal in a claypot done after local recipeMeatball, some bread and a Greek saladGreek salad made in a traditional (for this) taverna wayYummy meat ballsYummy pasta with caramelized onions
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Indirizzo: Papikinou beach, Adamas, Milos, Isole Cicladi , Grecia
Telefono: 0030 2287021672
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