Kleftiko è natura in Milos.

highlights: Kleftiko, natura in Milos, Isole Cicladi , Grecia

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KleftikoKleftikoMotor-boat mini trips around KleftikoKleftikoFishing boatIt is lunch timeBigger boat moored nearbySwimming timeMoored yachtApproaching KleftikoThe famous rock formationsRocks, caves and tunnelsYacht moored behind the famous rocksMoored yachtsBigger yacht moored away from the croudKleftikoKleftikoKleftikoKleftikoFirst glimpses of the famous rocks and cavesCaves with crystal blue waterThe famous blue cavesStrange lone rockSunbathing on the rocky shoreSea caves and strange rock formationsYacht turning behind the famous rocksYacht next to the symbol of Milos - the Kleftiko rocks
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Indirizzo: Milos, Isole Cicladi , Grecia
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