Sivota - the boutique yacht port of Lefkada

Legends says that Sivota is a place where Odysseus stopped on his return to homeland after the Trojan war. The historians says that the place was inhabited since Neolithic times. What matters is the safe heaven that shelters fishermen and sailors during nights and stormy days.
The natural bay of Sivota carves deep into the East coast of Lefkada island and huddles between the high green hills. Yacht and fishing boats are moored next to each other and create picturesque mix of hull shapes and colors. The far south part of the marina is occupied by modern and bigger yachts and dozens of sister vessels of local and foreign sailing clubs.

Yellow fishing nets drying on the sun

A narrow promenade follows the seafront at the west side of the bay. Different flowers flank the road, fill the air with exotic fragrances and offer shade from the summer sun. The fishermen sit next to their boats and dry yellow nets directly on the promenade. Many small tavernas and cafes offer shower and restrooms for the tired newcomers. During the day the place is relaxing and calm but after sunset it turns alive with people going out to enjoy the evening.

Taverna and tables at the marina seafront

Sivota is a place where people come to enjoy life and relax. Lots of villas and charming small hotels are scattered along the harbor or boast magnificent view from the slopes of the surrounding hills. A daily must do includes coffee at the harbor while watching the departing and arriving yachts and boats. There are also souvenir shops, small supermarket and bakery. The local yacht clubs offer boat trips, yacht courses, rentals and harbor services to the visiting sailors.

Sivota cannot be simply described with words. One has to visit it to feel it.

Yacht club boats lined in front of taverna
Souvenir shop with local products and sea goods
Flower pots alternate with artistic chairs and tables
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