The beaches of Paralia Sykia - part 2

Welcome to Pygadaki

In the first part of the article about the beaches of Paralia Sykia we presented you with some information about this wonderful area of east Sithonia, so different from the lively resorts and alluring with its vivid blue beaches. It is a place where you can swim in the transparent water, eat fresh seafood or traditional Greek meals at any of the beachfront tavernas and enjoy quiet evenings by the shore. In addition, you can find an isolated spot on the sand or free sunbed any time.

The narrow coastal road connect all the beaches of Paralia Sykia and starting from Valti it passes through Griavas, Ai Giannis, Linaraki, Pygadaki, Tourkolimnionas and ends at Klimataria. In the first part we presented the beaches from Linaraki to Klimataria, now it is time for the rest to discover and namely Ai Giannis and those north of it.

Ai Giannis

Ai Giannis beach in middle July

Due to its large size this beach always looks empty but this is what some people search for. In the middle of Ai Giannis there is a campsite spread right next to the sand, without restricting the access of anyone. The distance from one end of the beach to the other is about 1.5 km via the coastal road, and the vast green space behind it is full of small houses with studios and rooms to rent. Here are also the ruined windmills you may see on some photos of Paralia Sykia.


Private parasol at Griavas

Large and surprisingly undeveloped, Griavas is the quiet neighbor of Ai Giannis. Both are connected via the coastal road and a section of not more than 200 meters. Actually, they are divided by sea rocks with a couple of tiny beaches formed in them, with weird-looking formations. On these miniature beach strips you can see couples seeking isolation or nudes, although they are not hidden and visible from the road. Griavas beach is long and sandy, with a campsite and a guesthouse with rooms to rent. Considering the recent growth and gathering popularity of the area, it is a question of time for a beach cantina or beach bar to start operating in the summer but for now there is no such. The lonely parasols here and there belong to visitors or to owners of nearby houses.

Mini beach between the rock formations
A few spots to find more privacy and explore the strange rocks. As soon as you approach Griavas, these beaches are right before it.


Valti seen from a rock in the north end

This is the northernmost beach of Paralia Sykia located next to Griavas. It is where the coastal road ends and continues with unpaved section leading up to Sithonia main road. Like Griavas it has a small campsite just behind the beach and a guesthouse or two. It used to be a beach without any facilities but for the past few years a beach cantina has been operating in the summer. So, compared to its neighbor Valti gets more visitors because of the free sunbeds and parasols for clients of the cantina but yet more than half of it is usually empty. The sea goes deep after the first few meters.

Secluded beach next to Valti
This isolated beach is next to Valti, where the paved coastal road ends. Both are separated by a rock. You can access the beach via a few steps from the road, or by walking in the sea from Valti - you just need to go round the rock.

A few quick facts about the beaches of Sykia which may guide you in your search if you wish to visit or stay in the area:

- The largest beach is Ai Giannis, and the smallest - Linaraki.
- Most accommodation options can be found at and around Ai Giannis. The houses are family oriented and have large green gardens with barbecues and play areas for kids.
- Klimataria is the most visited beach, especially in July and August
- Most tavernas in one place can be found in Pygadaki - three next to each other. They are famous for the fresh fish and seafood.
- The most shallow beach is Klimataria, followed by Linaraki and Ai Giannis.
- Griavas is the only beach without beach bar or cantina (yet). No parasols and sunbeds are available, unless you carry your own.
- Valti and Griavas are less visited from all Sykia beaches, and they are large size as well
- The coastal road starts from Valti and ends in Klimataria to the south, as the section between Valti and Pygadaki is illuminated at night and nice for walks.
- Tourkolimnionas is the only beach without accommodation options, it has only a beach taverna. But Pygadaki is just 300 meters away.
- Linaraki, Pygadaki, Tourkolimnionas, Klimataria and Kriaritsi are known as the "Five steps in the sand". One of the beach tavernas in Pygadaki bears the same name.
- Campsites can be found at Ai Giannis, Griavas and Valti. In Ai Giannes there are four of them.
- There are no big or all inclusive hotels in Paralia Sykia, the accommodation is self catering only.

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