Eat Greek #1 - Moussaka

Moussaka is something that you will see in the menu of all Greek tavernas and restaurants, no matter big, small, fancy or home-like. It is a cooked dish typical for the Balkan countries and Turkey and it has many varieties but the main ingredients are either aubergines or potatoes, or both. The Greek style moussaka consists of a few layers of fried aubergines, potatoes, minced meat and tomato juice, covered with a thick layer of bechamel sauce and oven-baked. Grated cheese is sprinkled before serving. Spices may vary in different regions and islands but most recipes use cinnamon and clove which give the tomato sauce a peculiar taste. The dish is usually baked in large trays and cut into portions, or sometimes it is baked and served in individual clay pots. Preparation of moussaka takes time and efforts but if cooked right, it is a terrific meal melting in your mouth. So, if it is not a problem for you to eat any of the ingredients but you feel disappointed with your first moussaka, give it a second try - you may have chosen the wrong restaurant. Unfortunately thawed moussaka has nothing to do with fresh, and once you have fallen in love with this meal you can easily recognize unsuccessful cooking experiments or time spent in the freezer.

Some of our "victims" shot before eating:

Moussaka in a clay pot at Alexandros Restaurant , Lakka, Paxos island. Ionian recipes may include specific local herbs.
This one was ordered in a small taverna by the sea in Gefyra, Monemvasia.
Quite hot but it was gone before cooling. Shot at Armenistis, Ikaria island.
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