Mistra est vue historique en Région Laconie.

faits saillants: Mistra, historique en Région Laconie, Péloponnèse, Grèce

Photos de Mistra
MistraThe additional fortified entrances behind the main gateAncient water fountainThe cobbled stairs leading from Pantanassa monastery to the upper cityThe stone paved stairs are specially measured so a horse can walk without slippingThe Monemvasia Gate, also known as Sideroporta or Iron GateBuilding ruins and the cobbled stairway to Agia Sofia and the CitadelGirl standing in front of the Saint Nicholas church and taking photosAgia Sofia church and information board telling facts about itCovered passage through private house is a common thing in the crowded castle townsMap of Mystras with the citadel, walls, roads, churches, houses and moreView to the hill and Peribleptos monastery from the main gateMistraThe fortified outer walls of Pantanassa monasteryThe stairway leading to the Pantanassa monasteryThe main entrance to the Pantanassa monasteryA glimpse through the Pantanassa monastery entranceThe church tower and the monastery stone paved yardLooking towards the bell tower topThe colorful flowers at the inner monastery yardThe corridor with columns at the front of the churchPeople reading tourists guides in front of the Pantanassa churchThe church architecture and decoration is influenced by the western Gothic styleFlowers at the monastery yardKumquat (golden orange) between the monastery flowersFlower tree next to the monastery doorThe path to the palace, Agia Sofia church, Metropolis and The MuseumView down to the Main Gate, Metropolis and house ruinsView to the steep hill and the Pantanassa monasterySigns at a path crossroadView through the building ruins towards Agios Nikolaos church in the backgroundThe Despotate Palace undergoes restorationOld building and ruins near the palaceThe entrance of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) churchSurviving frescoes inside the Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) churchThe dome and the central area of the Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) churchChurch paintings with biblical scenes in Agios Nikolaso (Saint Nicholas) churchWalking inside Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) churchMagnificant view of the inside of Agios Niokolaos (Saint Nicholas) churchView to the Despotate palace from the Saint Nicholas churchAgia Sofia (Saint Sofia) churchMedieval building with cistern usually filled with rain waterAgia Sofia church was the main palace churchTourists taking photos inside the Agia (Saint) Sofia churchTourists at Agia (Saint) Sofia churchAgia (Saint) Sofia church refectory - the dining roomAgia Sofia churchTourist girl reading the information board of Agia Sofia churchBuilding ruins next to the Agia Sofia refectoryThe path reaches the citadel walls and turns rightThe Mystras citadel (fortress) main gateThe castle wall is wide enough for soldiers to patrol on themThe acropolis outer wall, garrison headquarters and auxiliary buildingsThe garrison headquarters inside the inner castle perimeterThe fortress layout behind the entranceThe tower room over the main castle gateView from the main gate tower to The Upper city, The Palace, Agia Sofia and Brontochion MonasteryMurder-hole over the main castle gate - for throwing hot oils, rocks and arrowsThe west castle watchtowerView to the inner castle areaThe main castle gate as seen from the wallsRuined buildings in the upper cityThe stairs to Agia Sofia - The Palace churchView to the palace complexThe narrow path was once flanked by tall magnificent housesView to the ruins of The Middle cityAgios (Saint) Demetrios church and bell towerThe main entrance door of the MetropolisA man walking inside the MetropolisThe passage through the church buildings that connects the Metropolis inner yardsChurch fountain with marble slabs, column bases and old Greek inscriptionsHodegetria Aphentiko church is the Brontochion Monastery catholiconThe fortified main gate and the stone stairs of Metropolis seen from insideMuseum exhibition of rings with monograms and glass braceletsElaborately decorated earrings was a must for Mystras noble womenStone carved image of Christ exhibited in the Metropolis museumManuscript paper codex of the Holly Metropolis of Monemvasia and SpartaView to Middle and Upper city, The Palace and the Acropolis of Mystras from MetropolisEach visitor can record his impressions in the Metropolis notebookThe cobbled path from Metropolis up the hill to the Palace and the CitadelView to Pantanassa monastery, house ruins and the Fortress on the top of Mystras hillPainting of Mystras showing the main monuments and architectural features
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