Mycènes est vue historique en Région Argolide .

faits saillants: Mycènes, historique en Région Argolide , Péloponnèse, Grèce

Photos de Mycènes
the Lions gate frontal view from outsidethe road to the citadeltourist exploring the huge stones of the Lions gatetourists at the back of the Lions gategrave circle A - the royal burial groundsthe walls of grave circle Aalley protection ropes on the sides of lion tombfour huge stone slabs form the entrance room to the lion tholos tombthe lion tholos tomb as seen from above alleythe huge tall entrance to the lion tholos tombside postern gate made by 3 huge stone blockspeople exploring the inside of the ancient citadelthe closed entrance to the underground cistern with 99 steps underground path to ittourists walking through the lions gatedifferent kinds of potteryartifacts related to the women everyday`s lifeanimals, ornaments and toy potterypottery, weaponry, artifacts and burial masks displaysvisitor takes photo of the artifactscollection of ceramic oxesgolden decorations and ceramic vesselselaborate ceramic lady dollhuge storage pot at the site of museum room entrancemuseum main entranceview of the Argolis fields from the castle wallsa side, postern gate in the upper north parthview from the hill top to in the museum directionfig tree inside the fortress villagethe Lions gate - the main citadel entrancethe Lions gate, the main citadel entrancethe Lions gate and the stone bench next to itthe road to the Lions gate and the cyclopean wall on the lefthypothetical reconstruction of the ancient settlementworking hoursgrave circle B and the citadel cyclopean walls
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Adresse: Région Argolide , Péloponnèse, Grèce
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