Monemvasia est vue historique en Région Laconie.

faits saillants: Monemvasia, historique en Région Laconie, Péloponnèse, Grèce

Photos de Monemvasia
The town seen on the way to the topComplex of hotel roomsStreet leading to the central squareThe square with the big belfryPassage leading to the Upper townOld house with passageColorful chairs on a hidden squareBuildings in the Lower townBuildings in the Lower townStreet in the Lower townPlatform by the seaView of the ruins on the topSigns to the Upper townCastle wallsRuins of Agios Spyridon churchThe town seen on the way to the topView from the castle wallsThe Upper townRuins of anonymous churchStrong wind and fallen chairsThe Lower townFlower pots in front of a houseThe bridge between Gefyra and MonemvasiaThe rear part of Monemvasia rockMap of Kastro MonemvasiaThe village entranceThe central squareTunnel connecting Ano and Kato Chorio (the Upper and Lower village)The main streetStreet in Kato ChorioThe road from Gefyra to MonemvasiaWindy day in the KastroTransportation inside the KastroView of the Lower townHotel linen waiting to be taken by the donkeyDoor of a guesthousePassage in the Lower townWalking in the Lower townColorful chairs on a hidden squareColorful chairs on a hidden squarePlatform with stairs for swimming (but not this day)The Lower town and view of ruins on the topNext to the central squareLocal transportOutdoor tables of restaurantsStreet with souvenir shopsView to Monemvasia and the stormy sea from Ambelakia beach and XifiasSuper zoomed view of Monemvasia Castro from Ambelakia beachView to Monevmasia and the walled old townView to sea, Xifias and Monemvasia
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Adresse: Région Laconie, Péloponnèse, Grèce
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