Mandraki est village en Nissiros. A proximité se trouvent les villages de Pali, Emporios, Lyes, Nikia, Pachia Ammos et Avlaki. Sur ce site il y a 6 hôtels à Mandraki.

faits saillants: Mandraki, village en Nissiros, Îles Dodécanèse, Grèce

Photos de Mandraki
The whole village as seen from the seaThe main pier and where ferries and tourist boats stopThe harbor and icon on the rocks above itTwo sailing boats moored at the harborSign on the main road with directions to all prominent places on the islandThe first tavern at the village entranceThe promenade and the village beachThe entrance to teh village is via tiny one way roadGift shops await the daily boat touristsCommon ceramic souvenirsWooden fishes hanged on a ropeSmall ceramic statuesAncient greek gods and Saint George as souvenirsHouses and inner passagewaysNot far away from the village beachPeople enjoying the sun and the seaThe entrance of the beach areaThe beach is shallow with coarse sand and dark soft pebblesOne of the taverns near the beachCat relaxes under the shade of a gift shopThe souvenirs are everywhere and the thermometer shows 30 degrees  at noonGift shop with souvenirs and clothesSouvenirs made of light porous stoneIce cream shop and bike rentalVine shadesChairs and colorsThe fruit shopTourists taking photos at the squareEmpty kafenio at noonThe inner streetsThe street to the museumThe sign-table of the Archeological MuseumThe museum inner yardThe entrance of the museumTree at the streetThe tree and the narrow alleyThe souvenir shop signGreen or how to travel around the island in a styleA lone cat at a narrow street at noonThe cat and the streetThe path is very narrowOnce upon a time the terraces were made of a single rock slabAll kind of chairs and none aroundThe fruit market sign is hanged under the shadeThe blue menu and the tavern with the orange windowsVolcanic rocks protrude from the taverna wallsMade of solid rock and abandonedThe rock and the yellow buildingThe yellow house with the blue outlinesFlowers in plastic pots, laundry and a birdcageThe seefront cafes and tavernasThe narrow street is three kids wideGirls at the promenadeGirls walking at the promenadeThe tavern tables are occupied by hungry touristsYour seafood dinner is drying at the laundry ropePromenade at noon and octopuses drying at the sunTraditional hand made carpetsSeafront tavern with traditional home made foodThe candle lamp and the seaTables and chairs at a traditional seafront tavernaThe village seafront and Panagia Spiliani monasteryWindmill turned into a houseThe bored waiter waits for the first taverna clientsCafe and the squareThe most colorful cafe on the islandThe windmill mockup and kids at the seaThe beach tavern with the small windmillThe narrow passage at the village entrancePanagia Spiliani monastery and the houses around itThe green valley of the village and the monastery above itThe Kos - Nisyros tourist boats is full and ready to depart
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