Some people call Limnonari "the white beach" of Skopelos because of the white color of its sand. The sand is mixed with pebbles and there are some flat rocky plates around the shore and in the water but the beach looks beautiful. The sea floor in the north end of the beach is more sandy and water is relatively shallow. Waves are rarely to be seen in the bay of Limnonari and thus its name - "limni" means "lake". There are rooms to let and two tavernas on the beach which provide sunbeds and parasol in the summer. The closest resorts are Agnontas (1.5 km) and Stafylos (5 km).

faits saillants: the white beach of Skopelos, plage en Skópelos, Îles Sporades, Grèce

Approaching the beachGreen-blue waterBrave swimmers in AprilStrange color of the sand hereTraditional tavernaRocks around the shoreEmpty beach before the season
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