Greece in photos: Kimolos island

Small but beautiful and authentic - Kimolos is for those who wish to rest away from tourist bustle.

A small square of Chorio Kimolou, the main village.
Houses built in castle walls. Kimolos has the largest preserved fortified settlement of the Cyclades group - such settlements are called "kastro" in Greek, just like the word they usually use for "castle".
The north beach of Prassa has incredible blue water. There are just a few guesthouses around it, nothing else. Yachts coming from neighbor islands often stop here for a swim.
Agio Ioanoy Chrysostomy church
The old church of Chorio Kimolou.
coastal view from the road
The fishing harbor of Goupa is very small but there you can see traditional boat garages dug into the white cliffs. These garages are called "syrmata" and they are typical for the islands of Kimolos and Milos.
An alley of Chorio Kimolou or somebody`s back yard.
Flowers and flower shades inside the castro (castle)
Inside the "kastro" you can see both inhabited and semi-ruined houses.
Bonatsa, sandy beach with shallow water and a seaside taverna.
Psathi, the harbor of the island where ferries arrive.
The remotest beach on the south coast you can reach by car - Mavrospilia. Its name means "black cave" and comes from the small sea cave next to the beach.
Fried squid
Whole fried squid. Along with the fresh sea food, do not miss the local specialties ladenia, tyrenia, amarathenia and kolokithenia - the Kimolian versions of pizza.
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