Acrocorinthe est vue historique en Région Corinthie.

faits saillants: Acrocorinthe, historique en Région Corinthie, Péloponnèse, Grèce

Photos de Acrocorinthe
the second gate built from the Venetiansthe castle gates and walls as seen from the roadinformation and warning sings before the entrancethe first and outermost gate of the castlethe information kiosk right after the first gatethe inner yard between the first and the second castle gatethe second castle gate the and adjacent tower built from Venetiansthe cobbled road leading to the second gatecloser view of the second castle gatetourists taking photo of the second gatethe second gate and the green yards with flowersthe cobbled road going up to the third gate and wallthe mighty third wall towers and gate built from the Byzantinesthe open spaces behind the inner wallpart of the third wall fortificationsthe wide open spaces inside the fortress and a few building remainsthe third castle wall and view to coring gulfinformation pane with photos from Upper Peirene Springottoman house ruins and Frankish castle keep in the backview to the Corinth gulf from inside the castlestorehouse and the Frankish keep on the high groundview to the Isthmus of Corinth from the castle hillview of the castle yards, Frankish fortress and the third wallon of the old building that are still standingold building from the Ottoman periodview to the countryside from the fortressthe terraces and Frankish keep - strong castle towerhow the third gate looks from insidetourist enjoying the beautiful view from the second wallthe stone paved road leading down to the second castle gate
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Adresse: Région Corinthie, Péloponnèse, Grèce
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