The promenade

The coastal town of Volos is capital of the Magnesia region and also the third significant port after Piraeus and Thessaloniki. It serves commercial and cargo ships and connects mainland Greece with the Sporades islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos, and with some of the North Aegean islands.

Volos is a relatively new settlement and its commercial center is around the port and the promenade - a long pedestrian street. The town is called "the town of the Argonauts" because it is believed to be built on the place of the ancient town Iolkos which was home place of Jason, the mythical leader of the Argonauts from the Greek mythology. Near the port you can see a sculpture of Argo, the ship of the Argonauts, and a replica of the ship in real size. The replica ship is usually at the seafront where the promenade starts but sometimes it takes participation in exhibitions and may not be present all the time.

Volos is the closest town to Pelion, a mountainous peninsula in the shape of hook which closes half of Volos gulf. Pelion attracts many tourists with its authentic villages, small seaside resorts and wild beaches.


The promenadeAerial view of the seafront and the townAlong the portThe promenadeThe ferry to Sporades islands

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