Vlicho bay with Vlicho in front and Nydri at the far back


Vlicho is a 2km long and narrow village next to the sea on the east side of Lefkada island. The village gives the name to Vlicho bay which is enclosed from the sea by Geni peninsula. The village is very narrow and the houses are arranged in 2 lines along the sea. The first line of houses is actually on the main island road which can generate noise especially during the summer season. On one side of Vlicho are the villages of Katochori and Fterno, and on the other is the popular and busy Nydri.

The Vlicho shoreline is occupied by numerous small shipyards, yachts and boats for rent, boat ramps and various boat related facilities. The place is popular with people who come to learn sailing or bring their own boat. Boat lovers will find houses for rent with direct access to mooring facilities and concrete ramps going from the road directly into the sea. Right between the boats there are tavernas with tables by the sea, local dishes and fresh seafood.

The closest beach is Desimi, covered by a mixture of coarse sand and pebbles. The best beach in that part of Lefkada is Poros (Mikros Gialos), which is 17km away in Vasiliki direction. Boat sailors may disagree because they have also access to other beaches and even to the isles just outside of Vlicho bay.
highlights: long and narrow village with diverse boat facilities, village in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
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Vlicho bay with Vlicho in front and Nydri at the far backThe main island road that passes through the village

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