Viotia Region

area close to Attica, Evia and Corinth

Viotia Region

Viotia Region Travel Guide

Viotia (spelled as Boeotia in English) is a region north of Attica. It has a coastal line at the Evian Gulf and the Corinthian Gulf, and the inner part includes Mount Parnassus and Mount Helicon. The largest town of the region is Thiva, known from the Greek mythology as a rival of Athens. Remains from its citadel, called Cadmea, can be seen today in the modern town. Another historical site in Viotia region is Orchomenus with the ruins of ancient Acropolis. In the west border of the region lies the mountainous village of Arachova, which attracts visitors with its traditional architecture, as well as with the proximity to Delphi. The ski center of Mount Parnassus is also close to Arachova.


Viotia RegionAncient Mycenaen tomb

highlights: area close to Attica, Evia and Corinth, region in Central Greece, Greece

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