Vavkeri is a small and quiet village in the mountains over Nydri, Lefkada island. It is an old settlement but there are currently few permanent residents. The houses are stone built, one or two storey, some have gardens other are directly on the road.

Some of the old houses are renovated and turned into luxury villas with private pools. Outside of the village limits there are even more villas hidden between the trees and curious eyes of trespassers. Due to the geography of the place, some of these villas will offer unique view towards Vlicho bay, Nydri and the isles of Skorpios, Madouri, Sparti and even Meganisi island.

It is unlikely for travelers to visit Vavkeri by accident. The few that come on purpose do it either for accommodation or for the nature and the hiking trails in the neighborhood. People traveling to Karya often stop to enjoy the views. The place is also known for its two tavernas which attract people even from the coastal villages of Nydri, Vlicho and Geni.
highlights: small and quiet village in the mountains over Nydri, village in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
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