The village of Vathia is present on almost all photos of Mani. Moreover, it has become something like a symbol of the peninsula with its stone houses and towers like small bastions. In reality, there are many villages like this on Mani but Vathia is the most preferred for photos, maybe because of its location. The village is built on a high hill above the sea and the roads is winding around it, allowing panoramic photos of the entire village.

At first look Vathia looks abandoned. Many of the houses are empty, other are ruined. Others however have been restored very well or built in the same style so they look alike. You can walk into the abandoned houses and take a look - it is interesting but the feeling between these empty walls and creaking doors in the perfect silence around is a bit eerie. In Vathia is a guesthouse and a restaurant on the main road but no other facilities are available.

highlights: the most photographed village of Mani, village in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece

Photos from Vathia
Vathia seen from the roadVathia and the seaFortified settlement signboardHouses seen from the roadWalking in the villageInside an abandoned houseInside an abandoned houseOne of the new or restored towersInscription above a doorAbandoned buildingAbandoned buildingHouses like strongholdsAbandoned houseThe entrance doorTowers all aroundBar (used to be)Inhabited tower vs. deserted towerRuins of buildingsStreet in the villageSome streets are more like pathsHouses overgrown with plantsOld building overgrown with grassHouses in ruinsAnother deserted buildingThe village seen from the roadVathis seen from the roadVathia and the seaThe upper village endVathia seen from the roadHouses like strongholdsApproaching the village from the north
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