Vathi is different from Porto Vathy although they sound similar. It is a remote beach in the northeast part of Thassos, between Skala Panagia and Saliara. The sand is soft and fine, and the water is transparent and shallow, with saturated blue-green hints.

Vathi is accessible via the same dirt road which starts near Makryammos beach and goes to Saliara and Porto Vathy. The distance is about 7 km from the entrance of Makryammos but driving on the dirt road is slow and takes more time than expected. The other options to reach Vathi are by water taxi, or from Skala Panagia but the road there is very bad and not recommendable for cars. There are no facilities on this beach, no sunbeds or parasols. The closest place from which you can buy something to drink in the summer is Porto Vathy (less than 2 km away) but would be best to bring your own provisions and sun protection.

Vathi is surrounded by green pine trees and the air is very fresh even in the hottest days. Behind the beach there is an abandoned building which used to be a hotel.

highlights: remote beach with soft sand accessible via dirt road, beach in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece

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