As viewed from the sea, Trypiti looks as if it is part of Plaka. Both villages are very close to each other and both are built on high cliffs sloping into the sea. You can distinguish Trypiti by the old windmills on the top of it, as some of them are turned into luxury hotel apartments.

The houses and architecture of Trypiti are old and most of the streets are quite narrow. On the small square you will find just two benches overlooking the sea and a church. There are some famous taverns as well, and a limited number of accommodation options.

The colorful port of Klima, the ancient theater and the famous Catacombs of Milos are just below Trypiti.

highlights: old village with narrow streets and windmills, village in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

TrypitiA would be windmill guest houseView from the windmillsTrypitiTrypitiReal boat used as taverna attractionTaverna, tables, chairs and one boatIt is siesta timeSmall square, cafe and siesta timeFew village streets are wide enough for carThe village as seen from the road to Plathiena beachMunicipality schoolThe church next to the municipality schoolSmall church hidden between the treesSmall church hidden between the trees
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