Tripiti (also Trypiti) is a beach and a sightseeing on the island of Gavdos. It is the southernmost point of Greece and the whole European continent, so the place attracts tourists despite its remote location and not that easy access.

Tripiti lies on the south coast of the island and it is away from the other beaches and settlements on the island. The port of Karave is 7 km away, and the closest village is Vatsiana. Tripiti can be reached on foot via two paths, one from the village of Vatsiana and another one which starts near Korfos beach. The hike is of medium difficulty but the most strenuous part of it is walking under the hot sun, as there is no shade on the route. It is good to bring yourself plenty of water to drink, sun protection and comfortable shoes, otherwise the walk may turn into a very bad experience. The beach can also be visited by boat.

As soon as you reach Tripiti, you will see a rocky promontory in one of its ends, with three arches (holes) partially merged into the sea. On the top of the promontory you will spot a monument of oversized chair, a few times larger than normal. Namely this chair is considered the southernmost point of Europe and you can climb on it (no, once you are there you must climb on it!). Small part of the beach is sandy but the rest is rocky, especially the shore around the promontory. There are a few low trees and bushes behind the beach but they cannot provide solid shade in the heat.

highlights: monument of oversized chair at the southernmost point of Europe, beach in Gavdos, Crete, Greece
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