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Tomb Museum of Philip II - father of Alexander of Macedonia - is located at Vergina, a small town 75 km. southwest of Thessaloniki.

Archaeologists are interested in the surrounding hills since 1850, suggesting that under these tombs there. In 1977, Greek archaeologist Manolis Andronikos beganexcavations on the hill called Great Tumulus (Great Tumulus, Μεγάλη Τούμπα) and discovered a total of seven rooms, two of them are supposed tomb of Philip II and Alexander IV Macedonians (son of Alexander of Macedonia).

Great Tumulus Museum was built in 1993 and covers a small temple and four tombs.Made in such a way as to show the mound in the form in which it was before excavation. Two of the tombs were intact and there is the basic wealth of the museum.

The tomb of Philip II consists of two rooms. In the main room you can see a marble sarcophagus with urn of 24 carat gold. Inurn found the bones of the kings golden crown of 313 oak leaves and 68 acorns. In the room were found armor of gold and ivory, rich ikrustirano funeral bed (which was laid and burnt) and silver with funerary gifts. In the porch is open another sarcophagus, with less goldurn and bones of a woman wrapped in golden-purple canvas with a golden wreath of flowers. Beside him is another funeral bed, partially destroyed by fire again with a golden crown. The entrance to the tomb in the Doric style and the wall above it is 5-foot painted hunting scene.

Tomb of AlexanderMacedonians IV is smaller and has not been looted. On stone piadestal found a silver pot containing the bones, and her golden oak wreath. The room also has a pottery and weapons. The walls are decorated with a frieze depicting a chariot race.

The other two tombs were found stolen.One is called Tomb of Persephone as is painted with magnificent murals depicting the abduction of Persephone from Hades. Another tomb has tumbled, with the imposing entrance with four Doric columns.

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