The White Tower and the park around it

Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and a significant port. Its population with the suburbs is over 1 000 000 residents. The city is located around the coast of the Thermaikos Gulf and it is known for its dynamic and youthful vibe.

In Thessaloniki you can never get bored and there is always something to see and do. The city has numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and various events are constantly organized.


Points of interest in Thessaloniki

Aristoteles square at the city center

It is believed that Thessaloniki was founded in 4 century BC and over the centuries it was conquered by different nations. Part of their heritage is still present and some of the monuments are listed as the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Here is a list of some things to see and do while in Thessaloniki:

- The long pedestrian waterfront which starts from the Concert Hall and reaches the port
- The White Tower - a museum and symbol of Thessaloniki, with beautiful city views from the roof
- The Palace of Galerius, including The Arch of Galerius and The Rotunda (former mausoleum of Emperor Galerius)
- The Roman Forum, or rather its remains
- The Church of Agios Dimitrios and the crypt with his mortal remains
- Ta Liadadika - a neighborhood next to the center of Thessaloniki, which in the past was Jewish quarter and today looks like an old city with well-preserved houses and small alleys
- The Church of Agia Sofia from 8 century and the Temple of Panagia (Virgin Mary) from 1028, built in the center of Thessaloniki
- The Heptapyrgion of Thessaloniki (preserved fortress)
- The TV tower with a rotating cafe bar on the top
- The Archaeological Museum

What to eat in Thessaloniki?

Koulouri street food

Thessaloniki is also called Тhe culinary capital of Greece. Street food is literally everywhere in the city and it is an integral part of the cultural experience. Do not neglect it and along with the quintessential gyros, try the renowned koulouri (round bread with sesame seeds) and bougatsa. Bougatsa is a filo pastry pie in sweet and savory version - either with feta cheese or dense custard cream.

Bakeries and food markets are popular options for delicious and budget dining out but let`s pay attention to restaurants as well. Unlike smaller towns in Greece, in Thessaloniki even the most fastidious travelers will find where to eat. Apart from the traditional tavernas and fresh seafood restaurants, there are also fine dining places with plenty of vegan/vegetarian dishes and healthy bars.

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