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Originally just a small fishing harbor with a few houses in the past, Stavros became popular with the movie Zorbas the Greek, as some of the scenes (and especially the last one) were shot there. Now it has developed to a settlement with hotels and restaurants around its two beaches.

Stavros lies in a valley in the northwest end of Akrotiri peninsula and a huge, almost vertical mountain formation rises up at the village east end, starting from Stavros and occupying almost the entire north part of the peninsula. One of the beaches of Stavros is crescent-shaped and faces the mountain in such a way that it resembles a lagoon, sheltered from the north winds. It is sandy and shallow, partly organized with sunbeds and parasols provided by beach bars. This beach is ideal for children. The other beach is to the other side of the village and it is more exposed to wind. It is sandy again but around the shore there are sea rocks which make entering the sea without aqua shoes quite difficult. A climb to the hill above Stavros is highly recommendable for those who have no problem with walking - a panoramic view toward the whole bay and part of Akrotiri is revealed, and there you will also find a small cave called Lera.

The extraordinary Seitan Limania beach is 16 km from Stavros, and the Gouvernetou Monastery is 10 km away. The northeast part of Akrotiri is known for the hiking trail which starts from the Gouvernetou Monastery and passes by a cave and the ruins of some catholic monasteries before it reaches a small pebbly beach.

highlights: village in the northwest part of Akrotiri peninsula, village in Chania Region, Crete, Greece
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