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Stavros is a small resort near Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna, 88 km away from Kavala. It is located in the very beginning of Halkidiki peninsula, in its north-eastern part, but administratively it belongs to the Thessaloniki region.

Stavros is built on a hill overlooking Strymoniko Bay. It offers small hotels, studios to rent, restaurants, bakeries and shops, and in general the place is preferred by families with small kids. Instead of a promenade, there is a park with tall trees along the beach.

Stavros has three beaches, as each of them has both beach bars and free zones. The first one is the closest to Nea Vrasna - it is covered predominantly with sand but in some sections there are pebbles around the shore and on the seabed. The second beach is right next to the village port and it is smaller, with sand and small pebbles. The third beach is called Milies and it is just outside Stavros, on the way to Olympiada. Milies has fine sand and shallow water, there is a seawater park as well.


near the harborStavros

highlights: small resort with family hotels, village in Thessaloniki Region, North Greece, Greece

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