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Spetses is the southernmost island of the Argosaronic group, very popular holiday destination among Greeks. Being a strong naval center in the past centuries, it was (and still is) a rich island with wealthy residents whose old mansions are lined around the old harbor, called Paliolimani. In the 17 century Spetses was home to the legendary Laskarina Bouboulina, the first and only Greek woman who was given admiral rank, and her house is today a museum.

The island is easily reached from Piraues port and from the other islands of the group, especially Hydra which is the closest to Spetses. If you are traveling by car, you can also take a ferry from the small harbor villages of Porto Heli and Kosta on Peloponnese. The trip from Kosta is the shortest and takes only 15 minutes. Note that cars are not allowed on Spetses and even its residents can use such only out of town and with restrictions. Motorbikes and bikes are allowed though, and there are also a few taxis.

Spetses has only one settlement which bears the name Spetses town. The port where ferries stop is in a quarter called Dapia, and the old quarter with the oldest buildings is around the Old Harbor. The town is densely populated and offers all kinds of services, restaurants, cafes, bars and hotel. There are also a couple of small beaches within the town boundaries. Just north of the town is the pebbly Ligioneri, also known as Kaiki, with a nice beach bar and taverna by the sea, and south of the old harbor you can find the sandy Agia Marina. The rest of the island is green and not populated, excluding some private villas and churches. The largest beaches on Spetses are Agia Paraskevi and Agii Anargyri on the opposite side of the island, both organized and providing water sports facilities. Very close to Agii Anargyri is the Bekiri sea cave which can be entered from the sea. The big rocks in front of the cave are used for sunbathing and swimming. Apart from the organized beaches, there are many other small coves with clear blue water which you can discover while exploring Spetses.

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