Skopelos Town

Skopelos Town

The town of Skopelos (known as Chora by the locals) is the capital and largest settlement of the island. It is located in a bay on the southeastern coast of island and has a port where ferries from Volos arrive.

The old part of the town is built on the slopes of two hills and most of the streets are steep and narrow, accessible only on foot. On the top of the town you will see the remains of a Kastro - Venetian fortress. The newer buildings are set along the port and the tiny beach. In 1978 the town was declared a Traditional Settlement of Outstanding Beauty by a presidential decree and all houses are restored or build in the traditional for the region style - white facades, with red tiles on the roofs, wooden balconies and blue window covers. Skopelos has a special charm due to the fact it cannot be compared to other Greek island capital - some of the house are typical for the North Aegean but the blue window shutters and the maze of small streets around the Kastro remind of the Cyclades and Dodecanese atmosphere.

There is a rich choice of small family-run hotels (bigger hotel complexes are out of the town), tavernas and cafes, mini markets, bakeries and bars on the promenade. There are also three bank branches, health center, pharmacy and two free of charge parking lots near the harbor.

The beach of Skopelos town is very small. In fact, it is a spot of pebbles next to the harbor and tourists usually prefer to visit other beaches.

highlights: the capital and largest settlement of the island, village in Skopelos, Sporades Islands, Greece

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The most photographed church of SkopelosThe gulf of Skopelos townOld Skopelos ChoraTown view from the pierStreet in the old townStreet in the old townHouse in white and blueAn occupied streetTraditional pies of SkopelosQuiet afternoon and empty streetsOrange treeView from the old quarterStreet in the old quarterStreet in the old quarterPastry shop for traditional sweetsStreet near the portFrappe at a seafront cafeCafes along the promenadeThe port and the promenadeSmall fishing boatsHouses in white and blueFlowers on the church roofStreet in the old townA hidden church between the housesHouse overwhelmed by flowersThe old town above the seaThe old town above the seaIn the yard of Panagitsa churchThe big pierTown view from the pierThe most photographed church of SkopelosThe small town squareThe town hallPanoramic town viewThe town beach next to the portFlower tree and benchKastro on the topStairs leading to the Kastro ruinsThe promenadeThe old town seen from the portStreet in the old townStreet in the old townChurch belfryEmpty streets in the morningEmpty streets in the morningPanagitsa of Pyrgos churchPanagitsa of Pyrgos churchHills behind the old townBack streetCats meetingPanagitsa of Pyrgos churchThe most famous church of SkopelosThe beach below Panagitsa of PyrgosPanagitsa of PyrgosThe most photographed church of SkopelosPanagitsa of Pyrgos churchThe most photographed church of SkopelosThe town squareLights at the squareTown hallThe ruins of KastroPiece of artThe port at nightMichalis bakeryOne of the town churchesThe old quarter of the town seen from the pier
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