the Aegean island with more than 60 beaches

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Skiathos Travel Guide

The Aegean island with more than 60 beaches - this is the most common description of Skiathos. Although it is only 12 km long and 6 km wide, Skiathos has 65 beaches, most of them sandy and shallow.

Skiathos is the closest island to the mainland of the Sporades group. You can reach it by ferryboat (from Volos, Thessaloniki or Agios Konstantinos) or by airplane to Skiathos Airport. The population amounts to about 6 000 inhabitants. The only town of the island is also called Skiathos, known as Chora by the locals (in fact, Chora is the Greek word for island capital, especially on small islands).

Skiathos is hilly and its west and north parts are not populated. Except for Skiathos Town, there are a some settlements which have developed as resorts but yet they are too small to be called villages. There is one main road which links the capital with the other places and regular bus service is available in the summer season.

Despite its size, the island is popular among tourists because of the beaches and because of the airport which is the only one for the whole Sporades group. In 2008 Skiathos increased its popularity as one of the two islands on which the movie Mamma Mia was shot.

As we said, the beaches on this island are many, presented mostly by small coves. Some of the most famous are Koukounaries, Megali Ammos, Banana, Troulos, Vromolimnos and Mandraki. There are also beaches accessible only by boat, especially along the north coast. One of them is the exotic Lalaria beach. Skiathos is surrounded by 6 small uninhabited islets which are clearly seen from the shore and you can take a tour around them by rented boat.


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