the Aegean island with more than 60 beaches

Koukounaries from the air


Skiathos is often referred to as the Aegean island with more than 60 beaches. Although it is only 12 km long and 6 km wide, the island has 65 beaches, most of them sandy.

Since 2008 Skiathos has increased its popularity as one of the locations where scenes of the Mamma Mia! movie were shot.

General information about Skiathos


Skiathos is hilly and green, with plenty of pine, olive and oak trees. Its west and north parts are not populated but here and there you can see villas and vacation rentals. The island has only one village where almost all residents (over 6 000) live all year round. It is called Skiathos, known as Chora by the locals (Chora is the Greek word for island capital, especially in small islands).

It is easy to travel and explore Skiathos, as distances are relatively short. There is one main road which links the village with other locations in the island and regular bus service is available in summer.

Where to stay in Skiathos?

Skiathos Town is the place where you can find everything, including many hotels. The closest beach to the town is Megali Ammos, approximately 1 km away from the center.

Except for Skiathos Town, there are a few seasonal settlements with hotels which have developed around the beaches. Such are Achladias, Kanapitsa, Platanias and Troulos which have mini markets for basic products, cafes and restaurants but they operate only in summer.

Which are the best beaches of Skiathos?

Sand and sea

As we said, sandy beaches prevail in Skiathos, especially on the south coast. The most popular beach is Koukounaries, followed by Banana, Agia Eleni, Troulos and Agia Paraskevi. Another very famous place is Lalaria - the most exotic beach of Skiathos, accessible only by boat.

Most of the beaches in Skiathos have sunbeds and parasols, even those on the west coast which are accessible via dirt roads like Mandraki, Elia and Aselinos. The small uninhabited islet of Tsougria also has a magnificent beach which you can visit by boat or by water taxi.

What to do in Skiathos?

Aerial view of Lalaria

The list of sights and interesting things to do in Skiathos includes:

- Walk in the pedestrian alleys in the Old Town of Chora and the promenade
- The Naval Museum on the islet of Bourtzi near the port
- Evangelistria Monastery
- Lalaria beach (with boat)
- Agios Alexandros Church
- The folkore museum Skithiatiko Spiti and the House Museum of the writer Alexandros Papadiamantis
- Kastro, ruins of a fortress on the north coast of the island

How to get to Skiathos?

The ferry approaching the island port

Skiathos can be reached by plane or by ferry. The small airport of the island is located near Skiathos Town and it is a sightseeing because it has the shortest runway in Europe.

By sea you can get to Skiathos via the following routes:
- By ferry from Volos do Skiathos, all year round
- By ferry from Mantoudi (Evia) to Skiathos (only in summer)
- By ferry from Thessaloniki to Skiathos (3 times a week, only in summer)
- By water taxi from Katigiorgis and Platania (Pelion) to Skiathos (water taxi, only in summer)

There are also daily ferry connections between Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos which allows easy island hopping.

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