Skala Marion

Skala Marion

Skala Marion (also known as Skala Maries) is a small resort on the southwestern coast of Thassos. It used to be the fishing port of the mountainous village of Maries and was completely unknown to tourists until recently. The coastline has shaped three coves and all the houses are built around them, some of them amphitheatrically above the sea.

In the last few years Skala Marion has been developing tourism quite successfully, being a place still not overwhelmed by tourists but having three sandy beaches within the village limits and boasting a great sunset view. The largest beach in the north part of the village is called Platanes, wide and sandy with a few beach bars and plenty of space. The middle one has no particular name and it is in the center, lined with fish tavernas and cafes, and a bit pebbly around the shore. The southernmost one is the small but charming Atspas beach, with beach bar and very shallow water.

In Skala Marion you can find small supermarkets, basic shops and a pharmacy. Accommodation is available in small hotels, complexes with studios to rent and villas. Limenaria, the second largest town of the island, is approximately 8 km away.

highlights: small resort with three sandy beaches and sunset view, village in Thassos, North Aegean Islands, Greece

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