Serres Region

north area with cave, lake and small ski center

View of the towm from the fortress hill

Serres Region

Serres is a north region of Greece, bordering with the countries of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia. A very small part of the region faces the sea, near the Ancient Amphipolis where remnants of old fortification and bridge still exist. The capital of the region is the town of Serres.

Points of interest for tourists in the region are the Alistrati Cave and Lake Kerkini. Lake Kerkini is a hydrobiosphere, home to various kinds of fish, water lilies and many migrating birds, some of which are rare and protected. 28 km away from the town of Serres there is a small ski center - Lailias, with 3 ski slopes and 2 lifts.

highlights: north area with cave, lake and small ski center, region in North Greece, Greece

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