small island between Kythnos and Sifnos



On the way to popular islands like Santorini and Mykonos, Serifos is often neglected by tourists. The island`s calm atmosphere and isolated beaches predispose to lazy and crowd-free holidays, with no attractions and entertainment. But if you happen to spots its Chora from the ferry, it will definitely grab your attention and make you consider it for a visit.

Hotels in Serifos

General information about Serifos

View of Upper Chora

Serifos is one of the smaller Cyclades Islands, with almost circular shape and area of 75 square kilometers. It lies between Kythnos and Sifnos, with predominantly rocky landscape but on many of the beaches there are trees growing right on the sand, as the island has drinking water. The few villages and resorts of Serifos are located in the east part of the island while the west one is not inhabited.

In 19th century Serifos was seriously engaged in the mining industry due to its rich ore deposits. The mines were exploited until 1964 and today visitors can can see some of the buildings, abandoned mining facilities and an old loading pier at the settlement of Megalo Livadi.

Where to stay in Serifos?

The capital of the island is Serifos Chora, an impressive village with white houses cascading on the slopes of a high hill and reaching down the lively port of Livadi. Chora is divided into two neighborhoods, Kato (Lower) Chora and Pano (Upper) Chora. A ring road encircles the entire village but the streets inside it are car-free, with small squares, cafes, restaurants and labyrinth of stairs leading to Agios Konstantinos chapel, with the best view of the entire gulf.

Except for Livadi and Chora, there are a few more sleepy villages in the inner north part of the island but they are away from the sea and offer almost no services. Accommodation and tavernas can be found around some of the beaches but they are seasonal and function only in the summer.

Which are the best beaches of Serifos?

The beaches are concentrated on the east and south coast, close to the port, as the most visited of them are Livadi, Livadakia and Psili Ammos. Psilli Ammos is by all means the most scenic and most sandy beach os Serifos, with its vivid blue water and fine white sand.

Other popular beaches are Ganema, Agios Sostis and Vagia.

What to do in Serifos?

One of the main things you can do in Serifos is to enjoy the superb sea views from above, not only from the capital Chora but also from many other locations. Do not miss the following points of interest:

- Kastro, the highest part of Serifos Chora for the awesome views
- Pano Piatsa, a picturesque small square with cafes
- The church of Panagia Skopiani
- The Old Loading Pier of Megalo Livadi
- The tiny village of Panagia for a walk and coffee
- The Windmills of Serifos in Chora

How to get to Serifos?

Aegean Speed Lines ferry arrives at the main island port

Serifos is connected via ferry to the port of Piraeus on mainland Greece, as well as to the other islands of the group. There are both conventional and fast-speed ferries which arrive at the small port of Livadi.

The island has no airport, the closest are in Paros and Syros.

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