Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania (also Seitan Limani) a is a remote beach in the undeveloped northeast part of Akrotiri peninsula, Chania Region. It is a narrow canal locked between high sea cliffs, with a small spot of white sand and pebbles and transparent vivid blue water. All these, along with its isolation from populated areas, make it a quite extraordinary place which was known only to locals a decade ago. Actually, the name of the beach is Stefanou, after the name of the small chapel of Agios Stefanos there but it is more popular as Seitan Limania which is the name of the area. The word "seitan" comes from the Turkish word for "devil", and "limania" means "ports" in Greek, so the whole translation is "devil`s ports" but no one knows the origin of this denomination.

The nearest village to Seitan Limani is Chordaki. Before you enter the village, the road bifurcates - turn right and look for the signs which lead to "Rizoskloko" and "Seitan Ports of Ag. Spyridonas". In a few kilometers you will reach the church of Agios Spyridon, the road continues to wind down towards the sea and ends at a small parking place. A short but steep path will lead you down to the beach, as you will first sea the canal from above end enjoy the magnificent view. Because if the surrounding cliffs the place is sheltered from winds and perfect for swimming. There are no beach bars or beach facilities and due to its size it may get crowded in July and August. However more and more people visit the beach every year, so it may not be as calm as you expect even if you go any other month.

Next to Seitan Limania, southwards, there are two more sea canals, but they are not accessible and they are not beaches. You can see them from above if you take the path right of the parking lot but the place is not safe at all and peeping down is not recommendable.

highlights: narrow sea canal between high cliffs, beach in Chania Region, Crete, Greece

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