Rodia is a remote beach on the east coast of Sithonia, accessible via dirt road. Its name is actually Banana (or used to be) because its shape resembles a banana but today everyone calls it Rodia, after the name of the beach bar which operates there in the summer. It lies between the beaches of Bahia and Manassu-Oneirou.

The deviation for Rodia-Banana starts from the main road which runs along the sea and covers the entire Sithonia. Although dirt, the road is in good condition and it is not a problem for any car to take it, and in 2 km you will reach the parking space of the beach bar. There are sunbeds and parasols provided, as well as changing cabins and showers. The sand is rather coarse and mixed with tiny pebbles but it is not rocky at all. Rodia is surrounded from both sides by cliffs covered with greenery which contrast to the blue water, and the coastline around is very suitable for snorkeling.

The beach is less than 200 meters long and there is not much free space apart from the sunbeds but the beach bar maintains nice green areas in the shade of big trees and provides soft pillows as well as tables with benches for the clients. Except for drinks, you can also have pizza and light snacks, enough to spend a whole day at the beach. In the weekends beach parties are organized and the place attracts many local young people.
highlights: remote beach maintained by beach bar, beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece
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