Pouria is the name of a cape and beach on the island of Skyros. It is most known for the two churches - the emblematic Church of Agios Nikolaos next to the sea (one of the sights of the island), and the Church of Agios Ermolaos which is on a small islet just off the shore.

Pouria is located in the north end of Molos beach, next to Gyrismata. Except for the churches, you will notice other interesting things here as well - the rocks at and around the beach are cut in strange shapes, as some of them resemble small pools, others have levels like terraces and you can climb on the top of them. These are not natural phenomena but the traces of ancient quarries which functioned many years ago. The beach of Pouria has no facilities but on the cape there is a windmill turned into nice cafe which offers drinks and light snacks.

highlights: cape with emblematic churches and rocks, beach in Skyros, Sporades Islands, Greece

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