Portokali or Orange Beach is considered one of the most exotic beaches of Sithonia. It is located on the east coast of the peninsula, somewhere between Sarti and Armenistis. Its original name in Greek is Kavourotripes (meaning "crab holes"). You can`t see the beach from the main road but there are signboards that will lead you.

The most distinguished feature of Portokali are the white limestone rocks with sandy spots between them. The sea floor is sandy and the water is unique combination of light and dark blue. In the past the beach was used by nudes mainly but nowadays it is a very popular place. There is even a beach bar selling drinks and snacks, sunbeds and parasols are also available. Due to its small size, Portokali gets very crowded in the summer and its beauty is a bit shaded by the noise and presence of so many people. The best time to see it is out of season.

Nearby there are two more beaches which look like smaller versions of Portokali - Paradise and Mega Portokali. They are accessible via dirt roads as well.


highlights: exotic beach with white rocks, beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

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