Plaka south end through the trees


Plaka (also Plaka Leonidiou) is the seaside area of the traditional settlement of Leonidio, east Peloponnese. In the past it used to be just a fishing harbor but it is now developing as a resort, with a very long beach and a concrete pier for fishing boats and yachts. The center of Leonidio with its preserved Tsakonian architecture is 3-4 km away.

Plaka beach is very long, interrupted only by the harbor. The north part stretches for 2 kilometers but only the section next to harbor offers facilities for tourists like small hotels, one mini market and excellent tavernas by the sea. The beach south of the marina is smaller but more organized, with sunbeds and parasols in the summer offered by the beach cafes. Despite it does attract tourists, Plaka never feels two crowded, there is enough space between the beach bars and on this long strip you can always find a place to be on your own. There is no sand here, just smooth pebbles and crystal clear water. The series of rocks at the south end of the beach are suitable for snorkeling, and if you follow the road to Poulithra, in less than 1 km you will find a small secluded cove (called Gritza) which can be accessed by steep short path.

highlights: the seaside area of Leonidio with hotels, tavernas and beach bars, village in Arcadia Region, Peloponnese, Greece
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Plaka south end through the treesBlue waterFirst swimmers in early MayPlaka beachPlaka beach next to the harbor

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