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The Bastion of "Pende Adelphia" (the five brothers) is the only remaining bastion of Acronauplia (Old Nafplio). The other bastions of the old town were demolished and are not present today. The fortification owns its name to the five, equally big, cannons that are still standing today. The cannons point to the sea and form strong defensive position together with the Bourtzi island fortress. It is unknown if the bastion was built from Venetians or the Ottomans.

Pende Adelphia offers beautiful view to the sea, the sunset, the harbor and the Bourtzi castle. The inner part is flat and raised above the surrounding grounds. There are benches and trees - a good relax opportunity. The curious visitors can explore the cannons, the walls and few staircases.

At the seafront there are tavernas and cafes. Some of the restaurants have mini private piers for small boats - good opportunity if you anchored your yacht in the dipper sea.

highlights: old fortification with five cannons, historical sight in Nafplio, Argolis Region, Greece

the bastions, 3 of the cannons and the sunset over Bourtzi fortressthe alley between the bastion walls and the seathe private docking space of the bastion tavernathe bastion taverna is prior the seasonthe bastion taverna is not open in the cold monthsthe bastion fortification walls and the cannon barrelsthe bastion taverna entrancethe fortification stairway from the sea to the bastion topclose view to one of the five cannonsview to the sea walls of the bastion and the private mooring pointsview of the harbor pier and Bourtzi fortress from the bastion at sunsetview to Bourtzi fortress from the bastion topthe closest harbor cafe seen from the bastion wallsthe sunset and Bourtzi fortress as seen from the bastion topone of the five big bastion cannonsthe bastion cannon barrels are covered with many inscriptionscannon barrel decorations and cannon cast year - Anno MDCLXXXVII
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Address: Nafplio, Argolis Region, Peloponnese, Greece
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