Pella Region

the birthplace of Alexander The Great

Ancient ruins of buildings with mosaics

Pella Region

Pella Region is located in northwest Greece, at the border with the Republic of Macedonia. The region is named after the ancient city of Pella, capital of the ancient Kingdom of Macedon and birthplace of Alexander The Great. The capital city is Edessa and the largest city is Giannitsa.

Main tourist attractions and sights in the region

* Ancient Pella and the Archaeological Museum of Pella
* Edessa waterfall
* The thermal baths of Pozar (Loutra Pozar) near Loutraki - hot springs which are known since antiquity
* Kaimaktsalan ski resort - one of the best ski-resorts in Greece with 16 ski-tracks
* Giannitsa monuments from Ottoman times - The Clock Tower, Mausoleum and baths of Gazi Evrenos, the House of Emin Bey, The Baths and the mausoleum of Ahmet Bey, Mosque of Sheikh Ilachi, Mosque of Iskender Bey
* The Loudias River 7 km from Giannitsa which offers activities like canoe, kayak and rowing center

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