Parga Castle

Parga Castle

The ruins of the Venetian fortress, symbol of Parga, rise on the top of a rocky peninsula overlooking the town and the sea. They are better known as Parga Castle and you can reach it via the narrow streets of the old part of the town. The entrance is free and the view is very beautiful, especially at night when Parga is illuminated.

The fortress was built by the Venetians in the beginning of 15 century during the Venetian occupation of Parga. During the years it was ruled by the French, Russian, Turkish and British armies, as the last owner was Ali Pasha, whose castle was built at a higher point above the nearby village of Anthousa. All the ruins of the fortress can be easily toured and seen but some of the walls are ruining and warning signs are placed. At the entrance there is a small museum and a cafeteria with view of the harbor.

highlights: Venetian fortress overlooking the town and the sea, historic sight in Parga, Preveza Region, Greece

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Parga CastleInside the castleInsideCitadel CafeThe islet of Panagia seen from the castleAncients wallsInsideThe islet of `Panagia` seen from the fortressAncient gunThe islet of Panagia seen from the fortressThe islet of Panagia and Parga harborAncient gunInsideCitadel cafe and the castle museumInsideInside the fortressParga CastleInside the fortressValtos beach seen from the castleValtos beach seen from the castleValtos beach seen from the castleParga CastleInsideInformation boardWarning signCastle entranceEntering the castle
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Address: Parga, Preveza Region, Epirus, Greece
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